How far / how fast should I walk every day?

We don’t give a number of steps or a distance because everyone is different! The purpose of the walk is to ensure a bare minimum of natural functional movement, outside, in your day. The more natural movement you can manage, the better! 

Walking is Wendy's absolute top exercise choice, and she advises that your daily walk, as well as your MUTU Core session, are the heart of MUTU and the key to its effectiveness. If you're short on time, don't skip the walk for any intensive exercise - the walk will do more for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. It gets you outside and de-stresses, it's good for you and for your kids, it's good for your feet, your butt, your pelvic floor.. and your soul!

Walk as much as you are able, on different terrains, inclines and speeds. Increase the intensity (speed, distance or duration), and as you move, stop off at the playground to hang off the monkey bars, at a park bench for some step ups, break up your walk with some walking lunges or some squats… stretch, stretch and stretch some more… there are a million ways to add functional, natural movement to your day – there's definitely no upper limit on natural movement that feels good

As for a minimum, if you like numbers (and I know some people like numbers  😉 ) I’d suggest one mile / or 20-30 minutes as your starting point, but the benefits will only increase the more movement and variation you add.