Intro to barefoot shoes

Barefoot shoes are shoes which allow your feet to work and move as if they were bare, but whilst providing protection. They have thin (enabling your feet to feel the ground) but puncture resistant soles and a wide toe box so your toes have room to splay and move.

When considering changing to barefoot shoes, the most important thing is that any change needs to be very, very gradual. Its super important too that you do all the leg and feet stretching exercises you'll find at the end of the Intensive workouts (Hanging off a Step, Toe Curler, Admire your Knees, All the Way Up the Back... all vital for foot and leg health!)

Barefoot shoes don’t fix anything. That’s the point of them – they do nothing except protect your feet from the elements. They make your feet and your body do all the work. So if your feet and body aren’t in the right place and are weak, you’re only going to hurt more. 

You HAVE to do all the stretching and strengthening to your feet, ankles, calves, hamstrings – daily, consistently and over an extended period of time if you want your feet to be able to handle barefoot.