What's going barefoot got to do with my pelvic floor?


When you walk properly (read ‘naturally’), the muscles of your backside, core and pelvic floor work properly too. Correct walking posture means you don’t tuck your tail bone, lean forward from the hip or thrust your pelvis forward either. It means you walk tall, with your body in a straight line and looking at the horizon, not the ground in front of you. As a result, your glutes actually work as you walk and run, your core is effectively supporting your centre of gravity as you move and your pelvic floor muscles are at full length and doing their job of holding everything in.

Important: you need functional glutes to have a functional pelvic floor. And if you're not walking naturally, your glutes can't work naturally.

So, as well as no more shin splints or dodgy knees, I get a perky butt and a toned pelvic floor too? Don’t know about you, but I’m in.