Not enough warmth/light/childcare to walk. Can I use a treadmill or Elliptical?

Gym machines like the elliptical or treadmill have a sort of last resort place as a cardio workout when you can’t get outside – but both (especially the elliptical) are not a natural movement. Walking on a treadmill is not like walking on the ground. So it doesn’t carry the same benefits. 

When we walk naturally, we propel ourselves forward using our glutes, over ground that stays still. With these machines the ground moves and we’re just kind of pushing it back out of the way to stand still (over-using quads and psoas). It’s also kinda mindless, when we are trying to nurture movement patterns that are mindful. 

So I would simply say – walking on a treadmill is not the absolutely worst thing ever and it gets you a cardio / aerobic workout when you’re stuck. But not great in terms of natural movement so please try to walk over ground, rather the ground move under you whenever possible!