Should I/can I do Kegels along with MUTU?

The thing with Kegels, is that actually there's no agreed or standardised way of doing them anyway. Most women have had Kegels explained (if they’ve ever had kegels explained) as ‘squeeze as if stopping yourself from urinating’. Some recommend quick squeezes, others long slow ones, others ‘elevator’ type ‘up, up and further up’ type visuals. It’s all a bit vague and it’s also inadequate. There’s a whole lot more contributing to your lack of pelvic floor function than ‘squeeze like you’re trying not to wee’ will fix. 

There’s nothing wrong with Kegels provided they’re done right. This is a big ‘If’ though – meaning you’re not tucking your tailbone or butt under when you do them, you’re not clenching your glutes or inner thighs, you’re being sure to relax fully in between squeezes… and the very act of focussing on mentally connecting with, finding and contracting your pelvic floor muscles is definitely beneficial. 

But be reassured that MUTU Core has fully integrated ALL the movements required to restore pelvic floor function, including finding it and lifting it. So by all means do your squeezes, Ma’am. Far be it from me to ever discourage a woman from finding and operating her undercarriage. Just make sure you remember to relax and let go. A permanent squeeze is not your pelvic floor’s friend.