The 'Lamp Post Pee'...I don't get it.

The Lamp Post Pee inspires many emails to our inbox. 

This is what it’s doing:

1. Challenging your core stability because you have to balance. 

2. Necessitating a core musculature contraction to maintain that balance.

3. Firing your glutes.

4. Opening and mobilising the hip joint. 

If you can’t feel your core working or don’t understand the breathing then do the following:

Make the move small and move very slowly. Check in on your tailbone first – make sure it’s heading for the sky, not tucked under. Distribute your weight evenly. Breathe out through pursed lips slowly as your draw your abs gently inwards and lift your knee just off the ground and then lower. All on the out-breath. 

Once back on all fours, relax your abs completely, inhale. then exhale, engage and lift the other leg. If you’re feeling the weight all in your shoulders or arms 

Come back to all fours and distribute your weight evenly between arms/hands and knees. Evenly from front to back. Keep that weight distribution from front to back and use your core to stabilise as you lift your knee. 

You don't have to lift too high..your knee literally only has to just leave the floor for this move to be effective. No lifting further than 1cm from the ground is necessary to ‘get’ the 'Core 1' move.